Special Education Needs (SEN)

    What is SEN?

    SEN stands for Special Education Needs. It is a critical strategic repositioning Department in the School that deals with Pupils with learning difficulties in the areas of academic performance.

    This Department in the School is managed by our qualified and skilled Specialised Teachers.

    SEN's Objectives

    The Specialized Teachers give the Pupils remedial lessons as well as other specialized learning activities aimed at improving their specific areas of need.

    SEN involves motor muscle training to improve Pupils' mobility as well as extensive reading programs. The Specialized Teachers are equal to this task which they demonstrates and perform effectively.

    Alot of Pupils who join the School with a number of different difficulties are helped. These Pupils are later integrated back to their Classrooms and they do better.

    SEN Program Offered

    The Learners with Special Education Needs are incorporated in an Inclusive Education System where they have individual sessions with the SEN teacher, then are later mainstreamed into regular classrooms of their grade level. This gives them an opportunity of a double coordinated learning style where they benefit not only in the specialized area of their challenge but also in the mainstream activities.

    SEN Programs Provides the following

    1. Reading and Writing Programmes

    2. Arithmetic Programmes

    3. General counselling programmes

    4. Motor control activities

    Categories of Special Needs

    Considering the Education form being provided (Inclusive Education system), the categories of the cases being enrolled are those with Mild to Moderate cases and the classifications are Physical and Health Impairments that have an effect in the academic achievements of these learners. Cases that we cater for include:

    1. Mild - Moderate Cerebral Palsy and Ataxia

    2. Mild - Moderate Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorders

    3. Mild - Moderate Down Syndrome

    4. Mild - Moderate Autism Spectrum Disorder

    5. Specific Learning Disabilities

    Special Needs Fees

    SEN Fees shall be charged additional to the standard billing for the term to every child registered for learning support