About the School

Lake Road PTA School is a non-profit learning institution which is wholly owned by Government of the Republic of Zambia but is run by the Parent and Teachers Association's (PTA) Board of Governors as provided for under the Education Act CAP 134 of the Laws of Zambia

The School comprises of two academic sections, the Primary section and the Secondary section that both operate independently within the same premises. However, despite the two academic sections having distint operations, both of them provide World Class and Holistic Education where all pupils of different National background they fit in and are warmly embraced.

Lake Road PTA School started at Bishop Lodge in February 1979 jointly owned by Paul Augustine Martin McCormack and his wife Marie-Terese Bernice McCormack.

On 15th August 1990, the McCormacks made an agreement to sell the School to ZCCM Ltd which was signed between the McCormack couple and ZCCM Ltd Management.

ZCCM Ltd purchased Lake Road School on 1st September 1990 from the McCormacks and named it Lake Road Trust School and was run under Medical and Education Trust of ZCCM Ltd.

A Deed of Gift was signed on 28th December 1993 between ZCCM Ltd and the Government of the Republic of Zambia through the Ministry of Education.

On 1st April 1994, the Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) Board of Governors started running the School as Lake Road PTA School which was registered as a society under the Societies Act and commenced operations as a PTA School.