Lake Road PTA School strives to become a leading provider of world class holistic education


    The management, staff and parents of Lake Road PTA School are committed to providing education which develops innovative, creative and integrated learners equipped with life skills to enable them contribute positively to society, through effective and efficient service delivery.


    The School motto is: "Education for Empowerment".

    Core Values

    Lake Road PTA School encourages an environment of dialogue and discovery, where teamwork, creativity, respect, accountability, and honesty are fostered. The core values reflect how the school intends to pursue its plan as well as how the school will fulfil its mission and realize its vision. Each value reflects rich, shared meaning:

  • a) Team Work: We believe that individuals achieve high standards when supported by the collective work of others. We reinforce this value by constantly creating opportunities to collaborate both inside and outside of traditional alliances of our school.

  • b) Creativity: We believe that we must encourage ingenuity, resourcefulness, and discovery as well as leverage advances in business practices and technology to achieve our goals.

  • c) Respect: We believe in being kind, caring, tolerant, appreciative and accepting of individual differences; being courteous and polite; judging all people on their merits; respecting the rights of individuals to make decisions about their own lives; and treating others as one would want to be treated

  • d) Accountability: We believe that we must demonstrate that we did what we said we would do and hold ourselves to the highest standard when we make commitments.

  • e) Honesty: We believe students and teachers engage in truthfulness, sincerity; refrain from lying, cheating or stealing and resist social pressures to do things that are wrong.